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Loop Xperts is an Alliance among entrepreneurs’ professionals to provide integral solutions on an interdisciplinary World.

The leader, Raquel Robleda, has considered a personalized business model, to connect with clients, based on developing confidence and innovating ideas and strategies able to generate value.

The objective of Loop Xperts is to connect the background and experience of its Xperts to create, design, train, implement, and execute with planning and responsible management.

LOOP of Positive People

Committing with things well done, with good and ethical people to add value to our business.

Helping a Better understanding of our World, and our clients to connect and build better pathways.

Designing new communication practices, considering the stakeholders dialogue as the best competitiveness driver.

Using the Power of communications to change realities, betting for research and knowledge development as the key social Transformers.


+ Committed

With our work and with our clients´ results

The rule is not selling smoke to our clients


+ Connected

With our World and our Country.

The rule is connecting with our Stakeholders to add value.


+ Innovators and

With new formulas to transform knowledge in applied reality.

The rule is to think our of the Loop and set the strategy focus.


+ Daring
and Creative,

Always looking for Xperts ready to try different formulas, risking solving situations.

The rule is to keep it simple in order to exit the loop successfully.


+ Challenging
and Dialoguers,

because we want our clients to do it well and could build up successful story telling.

The rule is to be the rebels, critical to change what is not right, without conformism and resignation.


Xperts + Close,

because we are people who know how to make the difference to win.

The rule is to remember that we are human beings who connect to do it well and tell it well.


We are Xperts, and we build up our working process through dialogue and constructive criticism